St. Louis Smoke Free Laws and No Tobacco Advertising Zones

Among our goals is to help children thrive in a healthy environment, and in fact St. Louis City enacted smoke-free laws to protect public health and promote a smoke-free city.  City Ordinance 64463 made it illegal to display any sign advertising, advocating, or promoting the use of a tobacco product within 2,000 feet of a public park, daycare facility, community recreation center, and public or private school.  The St. Louis City No Tobacco Advertising Zones map represents the areas in St. Louis City where tobacco advertising is not allowed, which is in yellow, and the very few areas in blue where it is legal to advertise.    

Other city ordinances include the St. Louis City Smoke Free Air Act of 2009, which prohibits smoking in enclosed public places.  City Ordinance 64840 prohibits the sale of cigarettes to anyone 17 years or younger and also prohibits the sale of loose cigarettes. 

Smoke Free St.Louis Kids is working hard to enforce and educate the public about these laws.  Unfortunately, youth are not as well protected because the main place that babies, children, and teenagers are exposed to secondhand smoke is in their own homes.  For more information, please contact Smoke Free St. Louis Kids and consider joining our smoking cessation classes to become smoke free!