Smoking and Missouri State Facts

The State of Tobacco Control 2012 report, developed by the American Lung Association, provides facts related to smoking for each of the 50 states and highlights the statistics related to economic costs, smoking rates, and deaths attributable to smoking.  The following numbers highlight some  facts related to smoking in Missouri.

  • Economic Cost Due to Smoking:   $4,755,871,000
  • Adult Smoking Rate: 21.1%
  • High School Smoking Rate: 18.9%
  • Middle School Smoking Rate: 5.7%
  • Smoking Attributable Deaths: 9,584
  • Smoking Attributable Lung Cancer Deaths: 3,121
  • Smoking Attributable Respiratory Disease Deaths: 2,454

Missouri continues to spend billions of dollars in economic costs due to smoking.  For more information about the economic costs please see the at the World Health Organizations’s Asssessment of the Economic Costs of Smoking.

These numbers and rates not only affect the smokers, but affect society as a whole, and we must continue to think about ourselves and our children to seek out a brighter and smoke free future.